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 Workshops can be customized to meet the needs of your team or organization.

  • Understanding the Impact of Stress

Understanding the impact of stress and how to choose new ways to react will build resilience and increase productivity. Learn new strategies for identifying and managing stress triggers.


  • Communicating with MBTI® Type in Mind

This workshop is designed to explore the important links between psychological type and communication style. Its primary goal is to enable participants to experience a new model of communication that serves as a practical solution for communicating ideas and instructions to others, and, equally important, in being effective listeners.


  • Cracking the Code to Team Dynamics

A fresh, contemporary spin on understanding ourselves better and gaining a broader understanding of our differences, how to bridge them, and unlock our innate synergies, and potential. Every participant takes the online MBTI assessment before the workshop. The impact of MBTI in team building is seen in the identification of best practices, effective vocabulary, and fresh strategies that encourage workplace cooperation, buy-in, trust, and teamwork. This workshops deliver results you will see and practice right away. Whether it’s your first exposure to MBTI or a desire to augment initial benefits, there is no better way to find common ground, resolve conflict, and unleash organizational potential.


  • Improving Leadership Performance Using MBTI®

Helping leaders examine how their own perceptions and habits influence their leadership effectiveness and help them move beyond their standard achievements to extraordinary levels of service and performance. The workshop is designed to teach participants how to enhance and develop their leadership effectiveness using the principles of psychological type. This module begins by encouraging leaders to become aware of their typical paths in daily activities and what happens if they over- or underuse their natural tendencies. 


  • Building Strong Business Relationships

Participants learn how to build high-energy relationships and to successfully lead others in all aspect of their professional and personal lives. Stronger relationships reduces stress and frees individuals to get more done through relationships with others, while enabling individuals to create a high performance organization that realizes its potential and sustains its level of excellence. Success in life and at work is dependent upon how well we lead the energy of our relationships and how skilled we are in having relationship energy work for us rather than against us. 


  • Leading Five Generations in the Workplace

In our modern workplace there are as many as five different generations working together. By learning about life experiences, values, and the ideas of all five generations, we gain a better understanding of our coworkers as it relates to their own experience and behavior. This workshop teaches participants about what our newest generation, Generation 9-11, and our oldest, the Traditionals, all have in common. 


  • Management Skills that Make a Difference

This workshop cultivates skilled and confident managers to drive results in the workplace. Participants who complete this 10 week program are prepared to assume a manager role and continue their professional development. Effective leaders are essential to the optimal operation of your organization.  This workshop focuses on the critical skills for managers and provides participants with tools and support to develop the following leadership competencies: Building Trust, Delegation, Motivation and Teambuilding, Performance Feedback, Setting Goals and Accountability, Conflict Management, Confronting Direct Reports, Time Management, and Rewards and Recognition.


  • Law of Being

This is a 16-week program designed to help individuals tap into unlimited potential. It shows you how to get more of what you want out of life by teaching you how to manifest what you want, and helping you raise your consciousness. A 4 month coaching program which includes 16 one-on-one half-hour sessions to help participants move towards living at the cause, instead of the effect of life.


  • Business Etiquette

The transition between school, university life, and the professional workplace can be difficult for young people to adjust to. This workshop will involve adapting to a new workplace culture and basic workplace etiquette. 
This workshop highlights business email etiquette, cell phone etiquette, business communication, proper phone etiquette in the workplace, and basic business manners.  
The workshop doesn't finish there, for your existing staff I also cover subjects such as business dining etiquette, business meeting etiquette, international business etiquette and of course executive presence in the workplace.


  • Time Management – A New Mind-Set

Are you at the mercy of time or do you make time work for you? If time seems like an enemy of yours or if you feel that you fall victim to time, then this program is for you, even if you are a successful time manager, this program will shift your energy even higher by making you a master of time rather than a slave to it! 


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