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Helping others find their passion is my passion!

Born in the Midwest and raised by parents who operated a home-based business, I learned early about the importance of getting work done through others.


My career is based upon a 20-year foundation as a small business owner and 10 years of leading corporate learning and development. I bring unique experience and perspective to my coaching practice.


As a Professional Certified Coach and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, I work with business professionals to explore new ways of thinking in order to achieve their personal best. Serving business leaders, emerging talent, managers, teams, and individuals, I help my clients remove barriers to success and realize their full potential. 


My approach is centered on the principles of energy leadership and its positive effects on an organizations ability to achieve more with less effort. When individuals show up as their best self they are more productive and satisfied in their careers. I’ve spent the last 30 years identifying workforce challenges and developing innovative solutions to improve desired outcomes and achieve organizational goals.


My education and experience working with individuals, leaders, and teams has developed proven methods to clarify goals, build awareness, and define incremental steps to reach sustainable growth and lasting results.

Brenda Baird, PCC
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