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A leader is one who mobilizes others toward a common goal.

Here’s how I can help your organization:


  • EMERGING LEADER - Coaching will provide clarity to individual contributors embarking on a leadership path. They gain key insights about how they are wired and what kind of leader they want to be. Together we will plan and support them for gaining the critical experiences, skills, tools, and focus they need for success.


  • ENTRY-LEVEL LEADER – Coaching assists these leaders create a mindset of accountability, gain confidence, and build courage to make difficult decisions. Enabling them to execute company strategy, learn to develop talent, and build their own resilience.


  • MID TO SENIOR LEVEL MANAGER – Coaching increases leaders’ broader impact by moving them beyond their silos and functional orientation, while developing their ability to lead through influence and collaboration. Creating an ability to lead change, engage employees, and build talent for the future.

Coaching is designed to support leadership development and workplace challenges.  Some of the common development areas that can be addressed in coaching sessions include, but are not limited to:


  • Gaining confidence 

  • Leadership development and emotional intelligence

  • Networking and rapport building

  • Developing strong communication skills

  • Conflict resolution

  • Managing difficult relationships

  • Managing energy, stress and time

  • Overcoming setbacks and disappointment

  • Developing a strong executive presence

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