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Coaching depends on each client's needs

Through a process of thoughtful questioning, coaching brings self awareness to:


  • Reveal what is possible

  • Uncover fresh perspectives

  • Discover new opportunity 

  • Provide action steps to achieve success


Imagine developing a powerful consciousness that will impact all aspects of your life. With Brenda Baird Coaching, you will accomplish the following:


  • Find out what is draining your energy

  • Turn self-defeating thoughts and behaviors into powerful actions so you feel heard and respected

  • Gain greater confidence

  • Overcome setbacks and dissapointments

  • Improve satisfaction in all areas of your life


Coaching is not advice, therapy or counseling. 


With today's technology, a one-hour coaching session can take place anywhere, on the telephone, via internet video and audio (i.e., Skype, Google Chat), or in-person.



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